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Employer-Provider Agreement - Responsibilities

Employer Responsibilities:

1.    Provide PDM with the necessary detail relating to the Learner to allow PDM to confirm eligibility of the learner for funded training.

2.    Continue to employ the learner subject to the employer’s usual terms and conditions of employment.

3.    Provide the learner with the opportunities and time to enable them to complete the mandatory induction onto the programme.

4.    Provide the learner with the opportunities and time to enable them to complete all training and assessment as per the learning plan.

5.    Provide input into the Formal Progress Review and take an active interest in the progress being made by the learner.

6.    Afford the trainer/assessor access as reasonably practicable to the learner and their working environment to conduct assessment, whereby the PDM trainer/assessor will abide by and adhere to Data Protection and the employers working procedures with regards to Data Protection.

7.    Provide support and commitment to the programme and agree to pay PDM £250 for each learner that leaves the programme of learning without completing-this would allow PDM to recover a proportion of the costs of induction, ongoing support and visits. We would suggest that a training agreement is drawn up with each member of staff undertaking a qualification, so that the cost would be borne by each individual if they decide to withdraw from their programme of learning.

8.    PDM acknowledge that this fee would not be applicable in all circumstances and this may be subject to discussion with the employer on a case by case basis.

9.    If recruiting an apprentice using the Apprenticeship vacancy service, the employer must undertake to provide the Apprenticeship vacancy coordinator with the details required to list the vacancy within 2 weeks and respond to any subsequent correspondence regarding the vacancy and interviews in a timely fashion.


Provider Responsibilities:

1.    PDM will provide the training services offered, including training and/or assessment activities, in line with the arrangements set out in the Learning plan.

2.    We agree to keep, as far as possible, to the planned delivery of learning and assessment as specified within the learning plan.

3.    If for any reason we are unable to keep to a previously arranged training/assessment appointment, we will make every reasonable effort to inform the employer and/or learner so that the appointment can be re-arranged.

4.    PDM values all feedback, both positive and negative aspects of learning experiences and we will obtain, retain and analyse the feedback that the learner and all other learners provide, to enable us to try and improve our training and assessment services wherever possible.

5.    PDM has a dedicated Safeguarding Team that any learner can talk too, and our Safeguarding Policy will be discussed with the learner throughout the programme to ensure they feel safe when in learning.


Learner Responsibilities:

1.    The learner agrees to keep, as far as possible, to the planned delivery of learning and assessment as specified by the learner’s trainer/assessor and as specified within an agreed learning plan.

2.    At least every eight weeks the learner will take part in a Formal Progress Review with their trainer/assessor (or a representative of PDM).

3.    If the learner’s progress is unavoidably delayed for acceptable reasons or the learner’s progress is too slow and it is likely that they will not achieve by the Planned End Date, this will be identified by the trainer/assessor. An additional Progress Review may be arranged and the learning plan will be updated.

4.    If we attempt to conduct training and/or assessment activities with the learner, and/or hold Progress Reviews with the learner, but this does not happen within a four week period, we will write to the learner to explain the importance of maintaining progress and to warn that, after a period of twelve weeks with no progression and failed responses to letters sent out that we would have to withdraw the learner from the programme. This process is essential to meet the funding regulations of the Skills Funding Agency.