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Supply Chain Operations Apprenticeship

Sector: Logistics
Type of Qualification: Certificate
Programme: Apprenticeship
BS Entry Standard: E3
Level: L2
Duration: 12 months

Those suitable for this qualification may work in operator, clerical, administrative or assistant roles.

This qualification is made up of a number of mandatory and optional units. Each unit is given a credit value and the learner must achieve a minimum number of credits to achieve the qualification.

A PDM assessor will ensure that the learner’s chosen units achieve this minimum number of credits.

The Level 2 apprenticeship is made up of five core elements:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Supply Chain Operations
  • Functional Skills English Level 1
  • Functional Skills Mathematics Level 1
  • Functional Skills ICT Level 1
  • Level 2 Award in Employee Rights and Responsibilities the Logistics Industry


  • Health, safety and security at work
  • Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in Logistics operations
  • Make an effective contribution to a business in the logistics sector


  • Obtain information on storage locations and facilities
  • Obtain information on distribution requirements
  • Obtain information on the supply chain
  • Analyse information on the supply chain
  • Monitor the flow of supplies in the supply chain
  • Monitor the distribution of supplies
  • Monitor the flow of returned supplies
  • Monitor the transportation of supplies
  • Place and monitor orders with suppliers
  • Process customs documentation for goods
  • Process transport documentation for goods
  • Process financial documentation for goods
  • Organize the preparation of documentation for the transportation of goods
  • Select suppliers in the supply chain or logistics operation
  • Procure supplies or services in the supply chain or logistics operation
  • Control supplies to storage locations and facilities
  • Administer contracts

In order to achieve any unit, candidates must demonstrate that they meet the relevant stated outcomes and demonstrate the required knowledge and understanding. This will be achieved through a balance of observations carried out by the assessor in the workplace and workplace evidence produced by the candidate.




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